What Is That Smell?

Entering our office one day last week, my nose was greeted with a less than pleasant aroma. Being the budding detective that I am, I became an investigative hound dog and started following my nose. The first place I checked was the trash … nothing there.  Next, I checked the bathrooms and the sinks … nothing there.  Then, I looked under and in all the furniture to see if any old food was hiding … nothing there.  Then I had a fearful thought. Was there stagnant water in the air conditioning system. So, I checked that out … nothing there.

With the smell getting stronger and stronger over the next couple of days, I thought to check out the basement/crawlspace just for fun. As I opened the door to the downstairs, the odor got stronger. Shining a flashlight to the middle of the crawlspace, I spotted a rabbit sized dead animal that looked like it had been there for a couple of days. Ahhh, being the wise sleuth that I am, I put three plus three together, I determined that this could very well be the cause of the nasty smell, a decomposing animal in the crawlspace under the office!

The dead animal was out of reach and required acrobatic ability on my part if I was to remove it myself.  So, I immediately called the property manager who promptly sent the maintenance man. He was very efficient in doing the nasty work that I needed help doing. He crawled under the building, bagged the object, and sprayed the area to make it smell better. Long story short, the dead animal was the cause of the foul odor and removing it from the premise was the solution to the puzzling problem! Case solved! WooHoo!!

This led me to think about a practical application. At what point do you call for help? Sometimes you may need help identifying the problem (what is that smell?). Sometimes you can identify a problem, but need help to solve it (remove the stinking animal). May you have wisdom to know where that decision point is. Talk to others, pray, seek guidance, research. If something is smelly, remember, you don’t have to solve the problem alone.

My Amy in the office:

Race to the Beginning

Sunrise is at 6:27 this morning. Can I make it? I grab my keys and backpack, get into the car and head downtown to the Dock. It’s cloudy, but sometimes that makes for a beautiful sunrise. Traffic lights provide normal delays and the traffic is moderate. Will I make it in time?

Almost there! Passing the Naval Academy, I get behind about 20 bicycles who look to be racing, too. No problem … they are all going the speed limit, so I follow them into town.

I arrive just in time to see the prize rising up over the water. It comes up like a bridegroom leaving his chamber and like a strong man running its course with joy! The sun rises like clockwork just at the appointed time every day!

So, what are you racing for? Are you racing for the end like those on their bicycles? Or are you racing for the start like I experienced this morning? Both are good goals.  Let us strive with all our energy to set and reach those goals.


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Transition – We All Do It

Today is the last day of the summer. Why do I say that? Today is only Monday, August 13th.  Labor Day (the unofficial last day) is a few weeks away and September 21st (the official last day) is another 5 weeks away.

Well, tomorrow I pack up the car and take my son, Josh, back to college to begin his sophomore year… the summer is over! His older two sisters are living away from home. Rebecca begins her senior year in college and Katie has been married and working for the past 3 years.

The feelings are very mixed for us as parents. We love our children very much and enjoy them when they are around. But it is now time for us and them to transition. When they were younger we always wondered how they would turn out. Well, I can honestly say, they have blessed us beyond measure with the young adults they have become. We recently watched some home movies and were moved to smiles and tears. They were wonderful back then, too!

For Julie and me, it is again time for another transition ourselves. It is time to ramp up our energy and continue to reach out and build March Forth Family.  It is time to continue homeschooling our youngest, Amy, who is beginning her junior year of high school. And it’s time to be full of thanksgiving for our past, present, and future blessings.

What transition are you about to make?  Let’s make a connection here in this blog, by email, or on Facebook.


What Are You?

I have been thinking … and that could be a dangerous thing to do.  I have a position in this universe, this world, this creation that is uniquely me. There is no one just like me.  People have told me that I look like someone they know, but he wasn’t me.  And in college I had an eerie experience to be acquainted with a guy who I thought looked like me, but he wasn’t me.  In this life, I have been given roles such as husband, father, son, brother, cousin, uncle, friend, health coach, colleague, student, neighbor, dog owner … All of these unique me-roles can only be filled by me!  These roles influence every area of my life.  Every day, every hour, or every minute, my role can change.  At any moment many different roles can mix together. Life can get complicated for sure!

I know that you have about the same number of roles as I do, possible many more.  You constantly juggle roles, tasks, and lists every day.  Depending on your circumstances and the people around you, your roles, tasks, and lists constantly change.  I want to tell you that it’s OK to take a break every now and then.  A break is a good time to relax, think, meditate, and pray!

And when taking a break, it’s also OK to grab a healthy snack.  We just need to be mindful of the things we grab to eat … our comfort food.  I call this mindful eating.  So in the midst of figuring out what you are, know you are not alone.  We travel in this world together.  Does this make sense? And if I can be helpful to you in my role as a health coach, let me know.

It’s About You!

I never knew that I would enjoy blogging until I started this journey just this week. In my very first post, I wanted everything to be perfect before I began … got over that!  In this second post, I still wanted everything to be perfect … getting over that, too!  This time, I want all my blog settings and details to be right… settings such as automatic notifications to my social networking sites, creating the perfect tags so others can find me, creating the perfect categories so my words can be categorized and searched, perfecting my “about me” section, etc.  However, I want to keep moving forward, writing my thoughts.  So, in this blog, I’m learning that communication from me to you is not really about ME, even though I’m communicating my thoughts and sharing things about me.  How many times do I enter a conversation or a relationship and think about how I am received?  How many times do I think about my feelings, my insecurities, my abilities,or my thoughts?  My guess is that I am not alone.

In this journey, I’m realizing it is NOT about me!!  It’s about YOU!  The more I realize that my words are to reach and encourage YOU, the more I want to share my heart and write to YOU!  I want to encourage you to learn together with me.  We are all in the same boat, so to speak.  When we reach out to someone, it’s all about them!  In thinking about others, we are then free to be ourselves and share our personal thoughts.

Does this make sense?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Am I a perfectionist?

I always thought that a perfectionist always did things perfectly. But over the years, I have discovered (through personal experience) that a perfectionist may never get anything done!  In my effort to be perfect, It took me literally HOURS to begin to write my very first blog.  I wanted my WordPress theme and design to be PERFECT!  I wanted the layout to be unique and uniquely me!  However, in my attempt to be perfect, this first blog was never going to get started! Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever been crippled by the desire for everything to be in place before you got started?

Well ….. the answer to my problem is to just start writing. The “look and feel” of the blog site can be changed later if necessary. The most important thing is that my words get typed. In fact, without words, there is no blog! So my encouragement to my readers (and to myself) is to keep moving forward! Keep taking the next step. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, even though that is my heart’s desire.

If you can relate to my thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!