Am I a perfectionist?

I always thought that a perfectionist always did things perfectly. But over the years, I have discovered (through personal experience) that a perfectionist may never get anything done!  In my effort to be perfect, It took me literally HOURS to begin to write my very first blog.  I wanted my WordPress theme and design to be PERFECT!  I wanted the layout to be unique and uniquely me!  However, in my attempt to be perfect, this first blog was never going to get started! Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever been crippled by the desire for everything to be in place before you got started?

Well ….. the answer to my problem is to just start writing. The “look and feel” of the blog site can be changed later if necessary. The most important thing is that my words get typed. In fact, without words, there is no blog! So my encouragement to my readers (and to myself) is to keep moving forward! Keep taking the next step. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, even though that is my heart’s desire.

If you can relate to my thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “Am I a perfectionist?

  1. sing it brother! I have had to remind myself of this many, many times! In fact, my first blogpost was about the horrible awful experience I had with writing it and fighting with my site!! Kudos to you!

    • Kristi! Your words are an encouragement! Too many times I don’t do something because of a fear of getting it wrong. Many thanks! I’m reminded of when Julie and I met you in NY. A great memory meeting Joshua with you, also!

  2. Okay, Tom – I’m convinced. My process of beginning a “Blog About Nothing” (because dear, demented friends have said I should blog, but now I don’t have anything about which to blog…about) included the idea that perhaps a good beginning would be to read some blogs. Well…I did read one once, and it was so entirely perfect and excellently done that it discouraged me from even thinking about writing, again. So, here’s how you’re helping me already with your blog: I will read your blog. No pressure. Honest. (LOVE you guys!)

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I can relate! I find myself overwhelmed by all the details, whether it be getting the site just right, picking the perfect topic, understanding the technology (grrr!) or being sidetracked by another project, idea or thing I think I should be reading, researching or know already. It’s as if I have to be the “perfect” version of a health coach, mom, or whatever before I can take more steps. Crazy making for sure! Thanks for your candid blog and it’s inspiring content. Keep taking those steps. 🙂

    • Yes, taking one step at a time … keep moving forward. Every day brings something new. Jennifer, it is good to know someone else is walking a similar path. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Great blog! And yes, I think we all feel that need to have things be “perfect”. I wrote a blog a couple of years ago and thought everything about it had to be perfect. It was the imperfections that I found made it so successful. Looking forward to reading more.

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