It’s About You!

I never knew that I would enjoy blogging until I started this journey just this week. In my very first post, I wanted everything to be perfect before I began … got over that!  In this second post, I still wanted everything to be perfect … getting over that, too!  This time, I want all my blog settings and details to be right… settings such as automatic notifications to my social networking sites, creating the perfect tags so others can find me, creating the perfect categories so my words can be categorized and searched, perfecting my “about me” section, etc.  However, I want to keep moving forward, writing my thoughts.  So, in this blog, I’m learning that communication from me to you is not really about ME, even though I’m communicating my thoughts and sharing things about me.  How many times do I enter a conversation or a relationship and think about how I am received?  How many times do I think about my feelings, my insecurities, my abilities,or my thoughts?  My guess is that I am not alone.

In this journey, I’m realizing it is NOT about me!!  It’s about YOU!  The more I realize that my words are to reach and encourage YOU, the more I want to share my heart and write to YOU!  I want to encourage you to learn together with me.  We are all in the same boat, so to speak.  When we reach out to someone, it’s all about them!  In thinking about others, we are then free to be ourselves and share our personal thoughts.

Does this make sense?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “It’s About You!

  1. I completely agree! My natural tendency is to make sure I’m presenting myself to everyone the way I want to be seen, but I can’t control what someone else thinks about me! I have to make a conscious effort to “just be me” and realize that if someone doesn’t like that, that’s their problem and I probably wouldn’t want to be around that person anyway!

  2. Well said Tom. I think that it’s common to spend too much time worrying about how we are perceived by others. I have found that by operating from the perspective that everyone feels this way, I can relax and be myself, or should I say my confident self. It increases my empathy for others, allows me to listen more to what they are saying/feeling and interact from a place where fear of judgment can’t squeeze it’s way in too easily. And when I have a weak moment or do feel fearful, I can be easy on myself in knowing that is the human condition. Thanks for your insight!

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