Race to the Beginning

Sunrise is at 6:27 this morning. Can I make it? I grab my keys and backpack, get into the car and head downtown to the Dock. It’s cloudy, but sometimes that makes for a beautiful sunrise. Traffic lights provide normal delays and the traffic is moderate. Will I make it in time?

Almost there! Passing the Naval Academy, I get behind about 20 bicycles who look to be racing, too. No problem … they are all going the speed limit, so I follow them into town.

I arrive just in time to see the prize rising up over the water. It comes up like a bridegroom leaving his chamber and like a strong man running its course with joy! The sun rises like clockwork just at the appointed time every day!

So, what are you racing for? Are you racing for the end like those on their bicycles? Or are you racing for the start like I experienced this morning? Both are good goals.  Let us strive with all our energy to set and reach those goals.


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